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Reiki (Rei) Universal (ki)

Life Force Energy 

Reiki is an ancient holistic form of healing.  The practitioner helps to clear blockages/bring balance and align energy to assist the recipients own ability to heal and restore balance to the mind, body and soul.


There are seven main energy centers in our body called Chakras.  Each one is related and responsible for nourishing specific parts of the body.  Proper flow and distribution of this energy results in numerous benefits and positive changes, such as, stimulation to the Immune System, detoxification, better quality sleep, balance on a cellular level and an overall feeling of contentment and peace. 


"The best way to understand how Reiki works is to experience it" - Indigo Ways to Wellness


Crystal and Sound Healing

Studies have shown that sound has a direct impact on the mental processes, muscles, nervous system, heartbeat, pulse, digestive system and circulatory system.

There are many benefits to using crystal signing bowls:

  • Significantly reduces stress and anxiety

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • It assists with lowering blood pressure and anger

  • Deep relaxation and pain relief

  • Assists with chakra cleansing and balancing

  • Helps to calm overactive adrenals

  • Increases mental and emotional clarity


Water Meditation Counseling

Water and meditation go hand in hand. Water represents the flow of our minds and pushes us through the mental blocks we may encounter.  It aides in healing our bodies and souls.


Our bodies are made up of over 60 % water, so it makes sense that water is important to our well-being. 

Meditating in water makes it much easier for you to think clearly.  It offers emotional meditation benefits which include:

  • Managing stress levels and preventing stress build-up

  • Gaining a new perspective on our lives and certain situations

  • Increasing our awareness of our own bodies and how we feel

  • Increasing our awareness of our minds and mental health

  • Reducing any negative emotions that we may be feeling

  • Increasing our tolerance and patience for everyday struggles

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