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Signature Scent Lavender & Eucalyptus Bath Salts (700 ml)

Epsom Salts, Raw Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Baking Powder and Pure Lavender and Eucalyptus oil are mixed together creating the perfect Bath Salt blend. Simply add the desired amount to a warm bath and enjoy all of the healing benefits of soaking in the salts. The unique blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus creates a fresh and calming scent while providing many health benefits and also nourish the skin. 


Natural Lavender Foaming Bath (8oz & 16oz)

This truly luxurious natural foaming bath is a mix of seven plant-based ingredients. Compared to other "Natural" foaming baths that usually have over 30 ingredients many which are chemicals, dyes and synthetic scents. The ingredients are; Distilled Water, Bioterge AS-40, LSB, Amphosol CG, Glycerin, Optiphen Plus (Plant-based preservative) and Pure Lavender Essential Oil. This combination makes velvet foamy bubbles that smell amazing, nourish the skin and are long-lasting in the bath.


Rejuvenating Lavender Sea Salt Scrub (12oz)

This scrub is made from four simple ingredients. Epsom Salts, Fine Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Palm Free Fractionated Coconut Oil and Pure Lavender Essential. The ratio of salt to oil used is the perfect combination to exfoliate the skin while replenishing moisture leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.


Lavender Infused Bath Bombs with Chevron Amethyst Crystal 

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Rosemary & Lavender Bath Powder

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Divine Escape Therapeutic Bath Line

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